Published on March 26, 2020 Updated on May 13, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the President of the French Republic has announced a lockdown (ban on leaving the house).

We invite you to regularly consult this dedicated page. We update the information in real time.


Bandeau alerte
Bandeau alerte

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

For French students away from France

I am a French student but away from France in or not in an Erasmus+ should I come back to France?

The Ministry of Higher Education recommends that you come back to France if your stay is coming to an end or if you consider yourself in a situation of vulnerability, given the epidemic situation in the host country. Same if your host institution has closed. On the other hand, if your mobility has started recently, and will continue for the next few months, he recommends that you stay in your host country. You are nevertheless free to return to France at any time. In all cases, you should follow the instructions given on diplomatie.gouv

Who should I contact in my host country?

Embassies and Consulates will assist you and direct you to the appropriate trade lines. All French students must be registered on ARIANE.

How will the final amount of my scholarship be calculated?

For those who benefit from it, the Erasmus+ grant is maintained throughout your stay. The additional costs of returning home of French students on the national territory will be listed individually for each student. To date, the University is setting up an ad hoc procedure and awaits the modus operandi of the different donors (Erasmus+, Regional Council and Ministry of higher education). The DREIC will contact all students receiving funding as of March 30, 2020.

What documents should be submitted to certify additional costs related to COVID-19? To whom to send them ?

All documents showing amounts actually paid during the mobility period (invoice, rent, etc.). are scanned and sent to the generic address
The consideration of these documents for the final calculation of the scholarship will be determined by the department in charge of processing applications.

Does the interruption of my mobility to the foreigner is going to penalize me for graduation?

The interruption of the study stay will not penalize you. This exceptional situation calls for exceptional measures of pedagogical continuity. The teaching community of the University will propose solutions adapted to the different cases of the students. To help you get organized in your work, here is a practical guide on studying at distance.

For foreign students currently in France

I'm a foreign student, do I have to stay in Toulouse?

Foreign students are invited to go home, in as far as possible, and in line with the measures taken to international travel. In addition, Campus France ensures the return in their country of the international scholarship students they manage, with the agreement from the French embassies who awarded them a scholarship. However, you are free to leave at any time. Foreign students engaged in a training course in France and whose the residence permit is due to expire soon are the subject of attention specific government request that their residence permit be extended.

Are the CROUS dormitories closed?

NO. Crous will continue to welcome you to their residences. If you have already stayed there and wish to stay there, so that you can work, even at a distance from the university, under good conditions. Please follow the health instructions in force and the rules of residential living indicated by your Crous.

The housed students have been invited to return to their family home, in order to be able to live in their Avoid staying in their homes in isolation, especially since the Crous do not can't sustain group activities. However, this does NOT mean in ANY CASE that those who wish to stay for reasons of their own, are forced to leave. They will continue to be accommodated in university residences that remain OPEN.

I feel very lonely and I would like support to motivate me: how do I do it?

Officers of the SIMPPS welcome students to the Rangueil campus. Psychological help is also available. To help you get organized in your studies, here is a practical guide to study at distance.

I would like to exchange with other students and staff of the university

In order to try to answer your questions, the university offers you free time for exchanges with pairs made up of agents and students from the university. They will take place via the DISCORD platform which is very easy to access and use: for those who don't have an account yet, don't hesitate to create one and connect to SHELTER RI UPS
Open from Monday to Friday between 2 and 4 pm!
This platform is entirely dedicated to the international students of our university, so don't hesitate to participate!


Contact in case of urgent question: write to and/or and/or and/or
Please give a phone number to be called

Social aids

In this context, the university is strengthening its social assistance system, the processing of applications for assistance is being speeded up and we will do our utmost to provide you with useful support, particularly financial support, as quickly as possible.

The staff of the Student Life Division will answer all your questions by e-mail:
Do not hesitate to tell them about any difficulties (financial, social) you may encounter.

In order to obtain social assistance, you must :
A Simpps social worker will evaluate your request and will send her advice to make a transfer.

Regularly check your institutional email address and the information published on the site of the university, SIMPPS and the University of Toulouse in order to be aware of any new device (medical, psychological, social, food aid) that could be put in place as the health situation evolves.

Secours Populaire de la Haute-Garonne also sets up support actions for students in difficulty : housing assistance, food distributions, medical consultations. Those concerned should report to the following e-mail address or to 0534403440.
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